Safety and security hazards

Safety and security is in place to protect us, it should not be taken lightly. To avoid damages and casualties we need to adhere to the rules.



Some people are sincere and have your true well being at heart.  To thy self  be true. One thing we need not do is lie to ourselves. HOPE ATLANTA has a program case manager that represents safety and security in helping those that are homeless. Ailene Gordon is hope for those in need of relief oh homelessness. We that are in need of safety and security should pray that there are many man


y more Ailene Gordon’s out there. I thank Hope Atlanta for hiring a true professional. To visit Hope Atlanta’s website click on this link Hope Atlanta

Resources for the homeless

Georgia has many resources for the homeless.  A resource is only good and beneficial when that resource is being governed by staff that care. Safety and security is key in this process,  to abuse a resource is to endanger that sect of society which would be homeless people and make them vulnerable to hazards.  You can complain to the better business Bureau, state and federal agencies.  To keep silent is to do an injustice to your fellow members of society.  Discrimination is a safety and security concern, some can be helped but not all. Do not use safety and security as an excuse to justify discrimination/abuse. Safety and security has no face,color, shape or size,sex,creed.

Moving Internet Traffic Security

Secure transport will be a service being offered in the near future. The company’s vision is to have a vehicle that can pick up and drop off customers/clients at appointments. This transportation will be in the form of a van or suburban. Moving Internet Traffic Security will soon become a licensed security company of Georgia. It has been a long slow movement taken on by me alone. Finance and resources are available.