The Lord makes a way out of no way I work for a living, I pay bills just like the next man. I do security part time and work for two temporary agencies on the side to make ends meet.  God bless the child that has it’s own, a closed mouth will never be fed. I pray to my heavenly Father, I pray for peace and harmony. I pray for prosperity and a good harvest not only for myself, my brother /neighbors as well. I  got my pay on the week of the 19th and it was not consistent with the hours I had worked thus creating my present situation, I ran out of food.  I contacted United Way to get in touch with food resources for assistance. Here is a photo of me returning home to my apartment with my food,


The Lord makes a way. He puts those wonderful people in your path with blessings of goodness and loving kindness. Reverend Drew greeted me warmly and made me feel comfortable. Click on this link to visit one of their websites:Fountain of hope Inc.